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Gaige Building with Death trap

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Gaige’s Elementor build is for people who love DeathTrap.
It will work well for mobbing (including Digistruct Peak/some Mini bosses, except raid bosses). And this build is for EndGame(lv72~op8).


  • Very fun mobbing
  • DT is too strong
  • accepting EE and UF bonus easily


  • Not suitable for Raids
  • Getting stacks is relatively hard.


For Details about this build

Strictly speaking, this is focused on DT with taking LBT or OC into account.
In general, as it pretty much depends on DT, Gaige herself is not strong so much.
So for mobbing, it needs some ideas or solutions.

Recommend Setup

GrogNozzle /Rubi
Corrosive Pimpenrel
Any roid Shield
ChaosticGoodNecromancer/Leg Mechromancer


Especially on Pun-chee, farming is easy and has power as same as order.
Shield recharge delay:3.5s~5.5s
Any roid shields are okay.

Big Boom Blaster:
Infinite possibilities. And also useful for Pete, Dragons.

Let’s throwing Chain Lightning at your feet, so your shield and health will be full. And also useful for raid bosses. And also Very, very, very nice for skeleton mage(DLC4)

Grenade Mods

Chain lightning
You need another way of slagging. If you shoot and shoot Grog Nozzle, using CL mainly makes you get stacks faster. And with EB, healing with moxxi will be good.

Magic Missile


Class Mods

Chaostic Good Necromancer 
general, I recommend.(For DPS)
Especially for Time Trial players.
You can get best DPS. So Time Trial players often use this.
By the way this , CNN and prodigy mod’s weapon cards are incorrect.

Leg Mechomancer 
Very stable.I reccomend for beginners on this build.
maybe this mod is superior than LEg Catalyst and Leg anarchy on DPS.
And it has a lot of bonus for DT.


It is very easy to keep Unstoppable Force and Evil Enchantress.
I pay attention to Unstoppable Force , Evil Enchantress and so on.
For reference – About DPS

Leg Anarchy
Very stable and good balance mod.(Especially on Unstoppable Force and Typecast Iconoclast)
And also gun bonus help you on low stacks.
As for DPS, maybe Necromancer mod is best.
Need fire-rate like The Better Half.

Leg Catalyst
I don’t recommend so much.
Very nice for DoT, but DoT is very hard on OP.
And also I/O will be lv10 by this COM boost. Maybe it will useful.
But maybe DPS with this will be lower than other COM.
Need fire-rate like The Better Half.

Leg Roboteer
For DT-LBT, this is too much over kill, so I don’t recommend, except the case you love DT.


Bone of Ancients 
I reccomend Corrosive elemental.(Except TimeTrial)
Cooldown bonus and elemental bonus = perfect reric

Shadow Seraph
Very good for getting stacks.
There is no cooldown bonus.
On DPS, this can work well for much of weapons. And great buff(maybe more than 30% DPS buff on much of cases).

Sheriff Badge
On especial case(DigiPeak , DLC4), it can work very well. Even in low stacks, you will have enough power and also it make you to get stacks more quickly.
But a bit of a problem on ammo.



Flakker:Very effective for BigMob
Norfleet:Strong (I recommend Corrosive)
Interfacer: Good on the low stack.Bad on the high stack.Not good for stacking.
Hive: useful
Pimpernel: Solution on low stacks.And work well on high stacks.(I recommend Corrosive)
Lyuda (I recommend Corrosive)
Hail (I recommend Shock or Corrosive)
Omen: not good for getting stacks
conference call:not good for getting stacks, but work very well on high stacks.
DPUH: strong and very good for getting stacks.But very bad on high stacks.
Fibber(Shock): maybe good
Fibber(Slag): slagging wide area quickly.Very good on co-op or with Hive.

For getting stacks, how much ammo are consumed and weapon damage are important.

Death Trap’s elemental

Any elemental(I recommend shock or weakness elemental)

Any elemental gives DT enough power(on 1or 2 people)
If you play on 3or 4 people or want more power, you had better append shock or weakness elemental.

You had better append any elemental, though you are lazy.
If you append fire or corrosive, Chain Lightning will work well.
Skill Trees

For CGN 


some solution on low stacks

Use pimpernel
Use pistol with sheriff
shoot and shoot Grog nozzle for stacking
About DPS(on Class Mod and Relic)


Gun Damage Bonus: Leg Anarchist / Allegiance / Aggression / Sheriff etc…
Anarchy Bonus: How many stacks
Amp Damage: With/out “The bee”
Critical Hit: Unique bonus on every weapon / xxx Evil Necro etc…
Elemental Bonus: WDT(skill) / Bone of ancients etc…
Fire Rate: Prefix of weapon / Chaotic xxx Necro / Discord / The Better Half etc
Reload: Smaller, Lighter, Faster / xxx Good Necro etc
Reinforcing every factor enough is very important on DPS.
Please pay attention to this formula, if you have any question on DPS.

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